DG Casa

Welcome to DG Casa, an importer and distributor of quality urban modern furniture to retailers across the United States. Here, you'll find interior collections that evoke the high-end caché of the most fashionable hotels and residences with an eye firmly on practicality, affordability and style.

The concept for DG Casa started with a goal to bring clients what we were most passionate about: Italian-inspired high-style contemporary furnishings for the most discriminating interiors. Today, we continue to focus on the sophisticated lines of classic modern and contemporary pieces, with a new emphasis on what the current market demands: quality and value.

Responsive to the needs of a changing retail landscape, DG Casa is best positioned to deliver distribution know-how and unparalleled customer service to our retail partners. We are proud of our products and have a track record of unparalleled reliability in the industry. Working with retailers, we back up everything we sell through manufacturer’s warranties to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

We invite you to browse through our offerings. Appropriate for today's urban-style dwellings and smaller living spaces, our collections exude a respect for the clean lines and harmonious proportions of classic modern & transitional design while offering value, practicality and comfort to each and every customer.

contact us for more information on retail partnerships, or for a DG Casa dealer near you.